“Campus Calendar,” The Daily Tar Heel, January 29, 1974. Accessed Nov. 6, 2018, https://www.newspapers.com/image/67890348/?terms=protest%2Bpotluck.


Add one emblematic image for the group and one line from each object’s caption [in quotes.]


Pyewacket Vegetarian Restaurant – The fact that this was the first fully vegetarian restaurant adds to the food story of Chapel Hill because it shows that in 1977, people were becoming aware of health implications surrounding meat.”


“A Little Bit of China in Chapel Hill” Daily Tar Heel Article, February 9, 1979 – “The prevalence of Chinese food in Chapel Hill shows an acceptance of the Chinese population and culture into the fabric of the “American identity.””

“Honor the Boycott” flyer Protesting Dining Halls- “This primary source from February/March 1969 is a flyer passed out to students advocating them to boycott the dining halls on campus at UNC Chapel Hill“

1964 UNC Chapel Hill Yearbook Photo- “The image found in the Yackety Yack yearbook of 1964 depicts protestors walking down Franklin street with banners and posters about desegregation, boycotts, and freedom.”