Wilson, JS. “Fruit as Food and Medicine” Orange County Observer, July 7, 1883.

This newspaper article, a clip in the Orange County Observertaken from Atlanta-based journal The Southern World, displays the rise of medicinal publications that came about in the 19thcentury. This post-Civil War period of growth and innovation brought about railroads, steamships, telegraphs, and many other new inventions that allowed for news to spread much more swiftly across the country. Therefore, “American doctors of all types felt free to express their point of view in a rich variety of publications,” as their works could be accessed by many more readers than before.[1]The Southern World“aimed always to be the means of building up the material interest of the south, by giving a fair and true catenate of our immense resources and advantages.”[2]Someone working for the Orange County Observer decided this article would be beneficial for the Hillsborough residents to learn more about the medicinal advantages associated with fruits and vegetables. Since information could travel so easily, the Orange County Observer writers and editors could access this piece from The Southern Worldand therefore spread this useful information to their readers in North Carolina. The expansion in the 19thcentury created many opportunities for knowledge about food and its connections as newspapers could pull from other sources across the country to provide more interesting reads for North Carolinians.

Dr. J.S. Wilson shares the benefits of fruits, both in their deliciousness and healthiness, to convince the reader to use more natural forms of medication while enjoying a good source of food. Additionally, Wilson makes sure to refute common misconceptions about fruits from the time. Published in July, the article coincides with the beginning of fruit season and therefore could help not only consumers, but fruit suppliers as more people will buy their fruit if they believe they provide multiple health benefits for such a tasty food. Therefore, the article includes an economic undertone as it steers readers away from drug stores and towards grocery stores for remedies, which would have been especially helpful for North Carolinian produce farmers.

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