1980 to Present

Carolina Campus Community Garden Instagram page, November 13, 2016. Accessed Nov. 6, 2018 https://www.instagram.com/p/BMw6fu1gOpC/.

An image from caricatures from the now-closed Franklin Street restaurant, Spanky’s. 

Add one emblematic image for the group and one line from each object’s caption [in quotes.]

Franklin Street and its Changing Foodways, 2018: “As an example of regional foodways, Franklin Street exemplifies the transient college food scene in modern-day Chapel Hill.”

The Reputation of Carolina Inn Restaurants, 1992: “The pricing of the entrees shows how Chapel Hill is one of the better off towns economically in North Carolina.”

Urban Foraging in Chapel Hill, 2011: “This chapter by Bill Smith highlights the role privilege holds in activities such as foraging in Chapel Hill.”

Downtown Shelter May Move, 1999:  “What we have right now are a lot of panhandlers and a situation that is not conducive to good business.”

Vegetarianism Gaining Popularity, 1981: Vegetarianism and veganism was growing as people became educated on issues such as pollution caused by the meat industry, animal cruelty, and the unequal access to nutritious foods.”

Closing of Spanky’s Restaurant and Bar, 2018: “Even though this Carolina classic closed down, the owners adopted a new restaurant concept meant to be affordable and more enticing to students, families and business people on Franklin.”