1900 to 1919

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Nannie F. Jeter “What We Are Doing to Conserve Food and Keep Down Waste.” In Training School Quarterly. Vol. 4, no. 4 (Jan., Feb., Mar. 1918). Greenville, N. C.: East Carolina Teachers Training School, 1918.

Pepsi-Cola Advertisement in The Tar Heel, 1916- “With that first advertisement in The Tar Heel in 1904, Pepsi began a long and complicated relationship with the Chapel Hill area.”

News of the Academies-North Carolina Dining Hall (Aug. 3, 1913) – “Prior to the time period, the university struggled to provide enough space and food for all of the students, and during the time period, more and more advancements were made that allowed for the University to begin to modernize and expand their resources as they related to food in order to incorporate new foods into their dining halls for the years to come.”

“Buffet Lunches will be Served During Holiday” (Nov. 27, 1919) – “Although the students had to pay to participate, something not required today, I believe the article expresses the desire to engage in comradery with peers by remaining on campus for a meaningful holiday meal.”