ca.1550  to 1699

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Hand written initial page from Hannah Wolley, The Queen-like Closet, recipe for orange pudding?., 1672. Photograph. [Library of Congress] Accessed October 8, 2018.

The Journeys of Needham and Arthur Through the Piedmont: “While the details of the travelers’ expeditions are intricate and at times confusing, Wood’s inclusion of information on the travelers’ food provisions, and the food of the peoples they encountered, provides a rare road map of the food culture of what eventually became Orange County, with references to present-day Eno and Yadkin (referred to in text as Aeno and Yattkin, respectively.)”

Letter from Florence O’Sullivan to Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury: “The animals, crops, and fruits on the land would sustain the settlers to venture beyond the coast, gradually shaping the land into the Carolinas as we know today.”